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Restorative yoga: is a slow-paced deeply powerful meditative (often candle lit) practice open to all levels and ages. Only a few poses are practiced per class, together with guided relaxation, and yogic breathing. This meditative practice balances the nervous system and encourages emotional/physical healing as well as relaxation, through the utilization of props -such as blankets and bolsters- to dissolve stress and tension physically as well as mentally.


Pranayama: consists of two words, “Prana” -life force energy- and “Ayama” -expansion, extension- . By controlling the way one breaths one is able to calm or invigorate the body and to regulate one’s life force to connect to a deeper level of consciousness. This is the core of Pranayama practice.


“Pranayama is the means by which a yogi tries to realize within his individual body the whole cosmic nature, and attempts to attain perfection by attaining all the powers of the universe.” Swami Sivananda


Mondays Circusoul @ 6:45p beginners (75 min)

Tuesdays Circusoul @ 10:00a all levels (90 min) and @ 6:30p restorative (90 min)

Fridays Rosemary Court Yoga all levels @ 6:15p (75 min)

Saturdays Circusoul all levels @ 10:00a (75 min)


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